Download a free PDF copy of The Experience of Dynamic Media

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we are very pleased to present The Experience of Dynamic Media — the second book publication of the Dynamic Media Institute. Combined with the previous, entitled The Language of Dynamic Media published in 2005, the books cover work from the Dynamic Media Institute between 2000 and 2010.

The Experience of Dynamic Media — edited by Jan Kubasiewicz, with contributions by Joe Quackenbush, Brian Lucid, Gunta Kaza, Evan Karatzas, Toby Bottorf, Ronald Bruce Smith, Colin Owens, Heather Shaw, Dennis Ludvino, and Lou Susi — is organized in several sections. “Faculty Perspectives” includes short essays by DMI professors and visiting faculty, each sharing their individual philosophy and various approaches to dynamic media design education. “Featured Projects” presents student work through articles excerpted from the larger thesis documents — the required component for the MFA degree. “Collaborations” presents examples of extracurricular projects which were developed between DMI and outside partners, as well as a series of DMI student-curated exhibitions.“Student essays” includes a selection written by current DMI student in their seminar classes. “Alumni Stories” presents short accounts of six DMI alumni sharing their thoughts on the DMI experience. “Thesis Abstracts” presents all MFA degree thesis abstracts from 2006 to 2010, organized by year and alphabetically within each year. The last section, “About DMI,” describes who we are and what we do — from course descriptions to a list of faculty, visiting lecturers, and all DMI alumni since 2000.

A free PDF of The Experience of Dynamic Media is available for download.

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